How to Refer a Patient



You will need to complete a one time registration here:

Or you may have received an email invitation from [email protected] on behalf of our practice, which will include a registration link.  If you’re not receiving the invite email from us, please select the below link and register your free account here (you can ignore any BUY NOW options):


Once you have a valid username and password follow the instructions below to refer a case to Northwest OMS.

  1. To refer a patient, login to our secure portal here:
  2. Select the “Refer Case” icon from the Dashboard
  3. Within the search field, you can type in either of our doctors names:
    1. Karl Heggland
  4. You should see one result, for whatever name you searched above.
  5. Select the “Send Case” button for the doctor you would like refer a patient to (see example screenshot below).
    **Please note, once you refer to either doctors above- each time going forward, their contact will remain at the top under “Colleagues” so you can easily select them again when creating a new case.  
  6. Our referral form will open, please fill out the needed information. Located at the bottom of the referral form, you will notice 3 options:
    1. Cancel
      Ability to cancel the current referral you are working on. This will delete anything inputted.
    2. Complete and Send
      Ability to submit this referral to the doctor you selected from step 3 (the referred to doctor).
    3. Add Attachments
      Ability to upload any documents or x-rays associated with this referral. Once submitted, you can add any additional attachments to the case at any time (note:  while the referral is active).
  7. Once submitted, you will see the below options. If you would like to logout, you can do so at this point.
    1. View Case
      Ability to view the case you just submitted. From here you can upload additional attachments and/or start a doctor talk conversation with the referred to doctor.
    2. View Dashboard
      This will take you back to your collaborator dashboard, where you can see a history of all cases you currently have referred or accepted. You can access any of these cases to add additional attachments, add a doctor talk, and/or chat with a patient under patient talk.
    3. Refer Case
      Ability to submit a new referral for a new patient. Repeat steps 3-6.
    4. Add Attachments [Online Instructions]
      Ability to submit further documents and/or x-rays to the referral you just submitted.  This will take you directly to the case, under the “Attachments” tab.

If you need further instructions, please click here.