Patient Privacy Policy

At Northwest OMS we take seriously our obligations to protect both your personal health information and your personal identifying information. We take steps to ensure that no one will gain unauthorized access to your information. In addition to following all state and federal mandates regarding identity protection, we have instituted our own very strict standards to keep your sensitive personal information safe.

We ask that you bring a photo ID with you to each appointment and that you have your current insurance ID card with you at each appointment as well. By helping us confirm your identity at each visit you help us to prevent losses due to identity theft.

Believe it or not, identity theft has now evolved to include medical identity theft. Criminals who have gained access to someone else’s medical information (especially insurance identification) have been able to incur healthcare expenses charged to the victim of the identity theft.

Imagine; you’ve just gotten a bill for someone else’s botox procedure! Fortunately, at Northwest OMS we’ve been able to prevent this from affecting any of our patients, and our continued vigilance will protect you. So, if we ask for your ID please know that it is for your own protection, and know that we appreciate your help with this vital matter.

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